Agility and continuous improvement

We have the Agile inside. For us it isn’t just a trend, but a method. Agile means having the ability to work – at an organizational and technological level – by simplifying the path necessary for the achievement of the customer’s business objectives.

In the first place, we believe in the application of Agile values that are based on practices aiming at the adaptability to change, flexibility and continuous improvement.

In Agile the principles are not only good intentions or politically correct attitudes that exist just on the slides of an organization. They are an essential structural element to the same degree as a correct software writing methodology is.

Taking the path of adopting Agile practices implies, first of all, reflecting on one’s core business and on the most effective ways to achieve the objectives, without falling into the trap of adopting uncritically the most popular playlist of agile trends to solve organizational problems.

How we work

In Dogix we are capable to accompany our customers by supporting them with the selection of the most suitable Agile framework, as well as with the definition of an evolutionary roadmap that guides its introduction in a manner that is consistent with the needs of the business.

We believe that frameworks such as Scrum or LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), for example, are able to improve the effectiveness of the operating machine and the scaling of the benefits of an iterative approach, if integrated in a context of careful business alignment and the introduction of practices for continuous improvement, delivery and release.

That is why we are providing our clients with consultants with a deep knowledge about both, the Agile methodologies as well as an expertise in classic project management such as prospective planning, risk management and stakeholders.

More than 50% of our consultants have at least one of the following certifications and the related knowledge base:

• Scrum Alliance CSM
• Scrum Alliance CSP-PO
• LESS Practitioner
• Price2
• ITIL Foundation
• PEGA Business Architect
• ServiceNow System Administrator
• Axios Systems Assist