Machine learning, the new strategic challenge

Machine learning – the new facet of AI – is the foundation of everything we do with technology and will increase in strategic value. Spindox’s commitment to this is paramount. Not only we do work on R&D, we also create solutions for our clients who are leaders in their markets in which machine learning offers a significant value. We focus on making artificial intelligence ubiquitous. In other words, we help our clients exploit the power of algorithms. This is digital transformation.

Spindox projects using machine learning models have three approaches. One includes creating solutions for image recognition. We have implemented different types of algorithms in retail marketing, large retailers, and the monitoring of industrial plants. Another approach involves natural language processing (NLP), which entails machine learning algorithms to manage discursive contexts. Moreover, we have developed chatbots for the self-management of trouble ticketing in banking service desks. Our third approach includes predictive and retroactive analysis. This presents two application contexts: monitoring systems (IT operations, network) and telemetry for the automotive industry.

Spindox’s machine learning is dependable, benefitting from our vast experience in cloud computing. We possess great computing power and the scalability required to process an enormous amount of data in real time in addition to time-tested first-hand experience working and deploying real-time data streaming platforms.