Big Data, the fuel of digital transformation

Big data lie at the heart of a digital transformation. Third and fourth platform technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and IoT, produce large quantities of data that are often non-structured and require real-time processing. Big data are the next frontier for businesses. A new AI paradigm can be empowered by big data, based on automatic learning processes.

Spindox has in-depth and first-hand experience in big data projects with industry-leading clients in sectors such as telecommunication, automotive and energy. We design and realize infrastructures for real-time management of extraordinary data influx.

Our case studies range from operations monitoring in IT contexts to control of production processes, from predictive maintenance to telemetry, from fraud prevention to operational marketing and analytics.

Big data management also requires a new security approach, both from a technical profile and a legal and standard compliance point of view. For this reason, our services are strongly integrated with infrastructure management and cyber security.