Blackdee, the Design Tribe, is the core asset of Spindox working in close synergy with Graydee Marketing Tribe to design and orchestrate business solutions for brands to face the challenges imposed by Digital Transformation. 

Strategic about competition 

Pragmatic about sustainability 

Innovative about technology  


Our mission is to formulate competitive strategies and trace the dynamics necessary to realize them. To win in the Experience Economy, each business needs to stand out from the rest: brands operate in extremely volatile market conditions which have a direct impact on the consistency of the choices they must make for them to swiftly restructure around emerging opportunities. This is why we design strategies using a prototype approach supported by in-depth analysis of the brand and related emerging and established, local and global phenomena, to put into operation extremely dynamic, market-proof executive models. 


Technology makes it possible to achieve high-value targets only when the design of every detail is linked to the feasibility of their implementation processes at every stage. We help our clients to carry out every concrete action with success, always considering the sustainability of the effects on their businesses. 


In the Experience Economy, the role of the company is defined by how it is able to respond to the challenges of business process innovation enabled by technology. Technology changes the rules continuously: together with our clients we redefine the assets and propositions of their positioning and plan the evolution of their processes at the speed imposed by Digital Transformation. 

What we do 

We base our success on the construction of the best, unique formula for each challenge. Our mission is to implement the most appropriate design frameworks for the different markets, industries and positioning of our customers. We operate at the intersection of different disciplines that we interpret with a Design Thinking approach: Strategy Design, Business Design, Service Design, Interaction Design and Visual Design. 

Strategy Design 

Together with our clients, we trace the path to achieving their strategic results through the design of long-term missions in harmony with evolving market conditions. This path to their objectives is designed to be effectively transformed into executive activities. Some of our tools: Stakeholder mapping, Context Analysis, Value Perception Model, Taxonomy Map, Design Strategy Model, Experience Strategy, Strategy planning, Roadmapping. 

Business Design 

The fundamental exercise of our consultancy is to create a balance between growth objectives, accessibility objectives and financial objectives. We help organizations transform their most revolutionary ideas into concrete business opportunities. Some of our tools: Ecosystem Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Customer Experience Strategy, KPI modeling & tracking, Value Proposition Design. 

Service Design 

In providing services, technological processes are activated that need to be orchestrated in order to maintain the centrality of the user. Business models become omnichannel, enabled by structures whose goals are to provide hyper-personalized experiences. The study and design of service practices are at the heart of our approach to design. Some of our tools: User interviews, Empathy mapping, Service Blueprints, User/Customer Journey mapping, Touch Point Analysis, Features modeling. 

Interaction Design 

The users journeys are designed down to the details of each interaction at each touch point involved in creating the experience. The interface of the device is the main frontier of access to the service, the design of which has the ultimate aim of empowering each type of user in every condition of use. Some of our tools: Persona Definition, User flow, User Experience, User Interface. 

Visual Design 

We pay meticulous attention to the design of the informative elements of the experience, be they images, audiovisuals, 3D objects, spatial set-ups, augmented reality, virtual reality. They are all tailored to the lexicon of the context and type of user. We strive to go beyond representation, endowing every small detail with meaning: combining aesthetic design in perfect harmony with functional design. Some of our tools: Data Visualization, Video Design, Graphic Design, Generative Design, Sound Design, Interactive Space Design. 

How we work

The Graydee Marketing Tribe walks with us in our quest to create virtuous businesses for our clients. With the firm belief that in the Experience Economy, each user is also a consumer and exchanger of values – it is fundamental for us to work alongside our clients’ business structures: sales, marketing, process management, change management. Together we can design the best ways to make their unique offerings to shareholders, stakeholders and end customers, operational. Having the client on board at every stage of the project’s development, is the way we design the experience. 

 Participation is key to the way we design:  

  • The customer is always on board (co-design sessions, workshops, design sprints)
  • Each new process/solution designed takes into account an adoption strategy (change management plan)
  • We are multicultural and interdisciplinary (technological and business skills work together)

Before we act, we design the way we will design: 

  • We tap into the contextual and internal conditions and information
  • We redefine design processes for maximum efficiency in each specific case
  • We analyze using advanced benchmarking techniques (data intelligence & analysis)
  • We diverge with creative workshops
  • We converge in model prototyping
  • We test in the field to get maximum improvements
  • We reiterate to achieve maximum targets 

We take an active role in participating in and holding workshops and design sprints with our clients, along with Graydee. We are simultaneously a Study Center, an Atelier and a Laboratory.