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Fake news | Artificial Intelligence and Automated fake news

Fake "news" are not anything new really. However, their relevance takes on a whole new perspective when mass-media become an active player.

Machine learning | Neural Networks Demystified

The Neural Networks are the foundation of modern Machine Learning, but they are not a trivial topic to tackle. Let's try to make them easier to grasp.

Generative adversarial networks: when the machine learning is a game

Two neural networks fighting each other in a zero-sum game. Generative adversarial neural networks are among the most interesting novelties in the field of machine learning.

Deep coding: when the machine learns to code by itself

Deep coding: leaving the machine develop their own code, leaving them do the dirty work, could it also be what makes us finally "step out of the loop"?

China, the way of the Hi-tech Dragon. A new power is...

China has a thousand-year history, between isolationism, revolutions and an unparalleled economic boom. Today the country plays the card of technological innovation. Could this path get out of hand?