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A soulf halfway between printed and digital paper, real and imaginary, human and android. Between "done" and "to do". Between chaos and balance. Between silence and lives concerts. A closet full of dreams, in which perhaps he begins to tidy up. She reads about science and new technologies. She is fascinated by everything that has the Iberian flavor. She challenges her emotions by studying those of others, choosing neuromarketing as an ally.

A new recruitment era: CV, job application with gamification & AI

Artificial intelligence and neuroscience are the new recruitment's allies. Talents and candidates, this is for you. It's time to apply. The recruiting process is often...

Cognitive Sustainability in Digital Experiences

The human mind and the artifacts: it could be mutual development or even alienation. Cognitively sustainable design and human experience through the senses. If on the...

Emotional Algorithms: How We Measure Our Emotions and Feelings

Facial microexpressions and algorithms of emotions recognition in the Big Data era. It's something about us, our lives and Affectiva.