Business analysis, or the business at the center

Even when the objective requires focusing on the functionality of an IT system, for Dogix, the Spindox’s brand dedicated to the the IT consulting, the business analysis always starts with the customer: its objectives and needs, its business needs and its operational and organizational context. After all, this is why it is called business analysis. Here you can learn more about the analysis phases that we reserve for each project.

The technical skills of our analysts integrate with those of domain and process, feeding each other. Above all, transversal skills are essential in the work of the functional analyst: the aptitude for listening and communication, the orientation to problem solving, the ability to think analytically and systematically, to argue rationally and effectively, the proactiveness, the curiosity and spirit of observation.

Dogix has an excellent commercial analysis offer: we have been professionals for a long time and with a rich and diverse background.

Our areas of expertise

• Sales processes (telephone operators, banks and retail)
• Commercial networks (banks)
• CRM and provisioning (telephone operators)
• Online channel for the final customer (telephone operators, automotive industry, banks)
• Intranet and portals for internal use (banks, automotive industry, energy, telephone operators)
• Logistic processes and warehouse management
• Reporting and business intelligence processes (telephone operators)
• Security Policy and User Access Management (banks, telephone operators)
• Data protection (banks, telephone operators)
• Credit verification and fraud detection strategies (banks, telephone operators)

We offer

Spindox\’s business analysis structure provides support to customers or projects with strong skills in various areas:

• Stakeholder mapping
• Discovery of processes
• Refinement of user, functional, technical, architectural and security, business and operational requirements
• High level analysis of software processes and solutions (integrated products or services)
• Convergence and reconciliation of the requirements expressed by different departments (IT, marketing, sales, operations, regulation, compliance and privacy, finance, credit assessment, security, fraud prevention)
• Process engineering, with a focus on end user operational requirements, time-to-market needs and other constraints
• Strengthening of the scrum teams by facilitating the understanding of the designed solutions
• Operational guide so what is necessary to achieve the goal quickly and efficiently is implemented

Our deliverables

We produce structured and highly understandable project results, which provide high added value to the projects where we operate as a business analyst:

• Product concept and feasibility analysis
• Functional analysis (with mockup, data model and UML diagrams)
• Architectural analysis
• Operational plans
• User manuals
• Demo and user acceptance test
• Test documents
• Contributions for RFI, RFQ, presale support
• Cost estimates
• Evaluations for effort reduction
• Design of the application architecture of the solutions
• Studies to reduce the complexity of systems
• Support for hardware and software updates on complex systems (uplift, virtualization, security patches, segmentation of systems based on network zones, geo resilience)