Design thinking, marketing and data: a study for your business

Spindox combines design thinking, marketing and data to build value in business processes. Bixuit is the Spindox atelier for sustainable growth, which starting from the analysis of its customers needs, accompanies them in a process of creating value-added solutions.

Interdisciplinary approach, inclusion, sustainability

We are organized in an interdisciplinary and multicultural studio, based on the principles of inclusion and sustainability. Lateral thinking, the sharing of knowledge and our vocation to the centrality of the person allow us to explore always different scenarios, even in the most challenging contexts. We approach each project with the enthusiasm of the first time. And we don\’t fear extreme challenges.

We deeply understand the strategic dimension of the business and, together with our customers, we design the performances – for each product, service, process and touch-point – through the interpretation of the operational data that measure its efficiency on a tactical level.

There are three conditions that fulfill our vision:

• Clarity of objectives. Each engagement translates into concrete actions, which allow to generate value and produce a measurable impact on the business, both in a strategic horizon and from a tactical point of view.

• Awareness of skills. The ultimate goal is to create sustainable paths for continuous improvement, based on the constant evolution of business processes.

• The synergy between human and machine. There is no other purpose in all our actions than to enhance the human factor. We believe in technology at the service of the person.