Cloud: everything you want, as-a-service

Cloud is not a technology, it\’s a catalyst. It\’s also at the center of a digital transformation because it facilitates a quick and scalable introduction of new technologies, unique management approaches and the revival of established business models. Therefore, maintaining a cloud requires strategy, perspective, and expertise. We at Spindox work with our clients towards the world of cloud.

We help companies define technology and migration strategies consistent with their business. We perform feasibility assessments, POCs and cost models for new infrastructures. We walk the client through the entire implementation process for the new architecture. We support application migrations from the on-premises environment to the cloud. We measure an infrastructure’s performance with the best monitoring tools and study optimization interventions based on self-scaling mechanisms and process automation scenarios. We help clients gradually adopt a DevOps model, starting by promoting the agile culture.

Even in the most complex multi-cloud scenarios, we implement next-generation apps, based on a micro-services model, stored in compartmentalized environments and managed through open source systems.

Moreover, we offer qualified and expert teams certified in AWS and Azure.