TLC and OSS Engineering, in the service of network

Spindox is significantly involved in the evolution of TLC networks and services.
Spindox always puts the customer at the center of all its projects.
This is our vision and our mentality.
“Telecommunication networks are complex objects in terms of technology. We support the customer in managing the network and approaching change” says Gabriele Canciani, Director of the Spindox Business Unit Network.

The Spindox TLC engineering team specializes in three different fields: Spindox\’s TLC engineering team works in all areas of the networks, specializing in three areas: Mobile Core Engineering, Fixed Network and Support Tools. In all three cases we carry out analysis, design and testing of network components, working closely with manufacturers and the operator, providing skills and solutions on technologies and assisting governance processes.

Telecommunications and IT converge in 5G

The ambitious goal of 5G, set for 2020 at a commercial launch level, engages Spindox as a partner of its customers to create an infrastructure that connects millions of high-speed and low-latency devices.
The future is extraordinary: we will be able to download software and large files from the network, view 4K videos in mobility, manage smart homes and connected cars.
5G has a component of virtualization and convergence of networks towards the world of IT.
It is for this reason that the “telecommunicationists”, the Spindox network team,
they are hybrid figures with computer skills and network engineering.