Graydee, the Digital Marketing Tribe of Spindox  – is the jet pack that works in close synergy with Blackdee Design Tribe to recognize, enhance and express the business values of brands in the challenges imposed by Digital Transformation.    

Experiential by vocation.  

Experimental by approach.  

Exponential by aspiration.  


In a world full of suppliers offering similar products and services, what differentiates brands is each individual’s perception of their own experience. We help our clients to gain better insights into their customers’ behaviors, to know what truly  moves them.  

We build experiences.  


We reject marketing clichés. We subvert the order of things to find a new order.We offer our clients a research laboratory for the creation of unique brand narratives.  

We think laterally 


We live in the aethereal (fluid) economy era, and as resilient creatures, we have an omni-channel-oriented mindset. Linear business models belong to the past. We shape the future.  

Together with our clients we re-imagine the limits of their business to adapt their offer to an increasingly mass and global market, driven more and more by the need to customize products and services.  

We multiply the X factor.  

What we do 

Our offer embraces 4 macro-categories: Strategy, Tactics, Contents and Branding.  


We were born for this. The activities that fall under this chapter, range from research and benchmarking to roadmapping, market analysis, creating content and campaign strategies, and brand strategy.  


Know your number one enemy. Tactical operations involve automation tools for marketing and advertising on social media channels and paid media, in addition to SEO analysis and Web analytics.  


Fanatic attention to quality. We offer tailored consulting services to create brand stories that are consistent and coherent across the whole online-offline experience. We have a firepower on video, photo and graphic design production, perfectly orchestrated by an art direction with proven track records and vision.  


You are what you communicate (even unintentionally). From strategy to design, we cover the brand’s positioning and naming as well as the production of logos for web and mobile applications.  

How we work

Our brothers and sisters at Blackdee Design have taught us the importance of using an empathic approach. Having the client on board at every stage of a project’s development is the way we create and insert value into our solutions. 

Our marketing is based on listening 

  • Knowledge (Identification of brand values, data activation)
  • Context Analysis (Industry overview and benchmark)
  • Implementation/Execution (content strategy and marketing automation) 
  • Management/Operations (channel governance, campaign management, touchpoint integration) 
  • Vision/Insight (ROI, project feedback) 

We apply Design Thinking to Marketing:  

  • We define opportunities and goals 
  • We contextualize, studying Mission, Market and Vision  
  • We diverge with benchmarking activities and converge by defining the target audience and value proposition of the brand  
  • We design
  • We diverge in the prototyping phase of the model and then converge in the acquisition, activation and retention mode 
  • We test 
  • We reiterate to get the maximum revenue   

We take an active role in participating in and holding workshops and design sprints with our customers, along with Blackdee. We conduct market studies, stakeholder and user interviews, and working together with interaction and service designers, we extract business values to ensure the economic efficiency and sustainability of the solutions designed.