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The digital transformation is not the adoption of new technologies, but a strategic and organizational review. It is a new way of doing business, working and communicating. For this reason, IT has, today more than ever, has a central value for the success of every company, in every sector. On condition that it has a strategic perspective and it is capable of being renewed on an operational level.

We can stop saying that technology is an enabling factor. Technology is a service, a question of business. The technology has “occupied” the business through a smooth “hacking process”.

The CIO has to assess the level of maturity of its function, avoid the simple use of technological tools, acquire a strategic vision for the company.

We offer ourselves as mediators between business culture and the “engine room.” We want to be the business consultants of the IOC, their partners in the difficult digital journey. We help them to move to the upper stages of decision-making processes with innovative content: first the ideas, first the identification and interpretation of the data, then everything else. All this led us to the creation of a dedicated brand: Dogix.

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The supplier works for the customer. We work with the customer: it means that we engage him in the execution of our work, but also in the sense that we like to know him well, put us in his shoes and speak the same language. It is often said that the consultant looks like a doctor because he solves problems: analyzes (anamnesis), formulates hypotheses (diagnosis), proposes a path of healing (therapy). We like to call them opportunities, not problems. And we prefer the pursuit of well-being to healing paths.

In Dogix, the brand of Spindox dedicated to the IT consulting, we take the new data science (artificial intelligence), with a humanistic approach (philosophical, sociological, anthropological). We are for consultancy enriched by research and continuous sharing of practices and experiences, internally and with customers. We structure competency models in relation to well-defined sectors, domains and processes.

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Dogix assists clients in managing the most complex IT projects and in changing the processes, organization and mission of the IT function.
Each technological project is also a change management project.
For this reason, we also deal with planning and support for organizational adjustments, training and communication of change. In this context, the goal of each project is to achieve discontinuity with the past, be it organizational or business.

This discontinuity must be distinctive, in other words, it must allow the customer to have “something” that makes it different from the others, making its image, brand or offer more attractive to the market. Our Governance model is able to achieve these results because it combines the strength deriving from the skills, passions and knowledge of each of our consultants with the application of international methodological frameworks that we constantly research and study, which we decide to apply only when we truly believe in them.