Windows on Amazon Web Services

Spindox chooses AWS for its workload migration. Amazon is a guarantee in terms of experience, certifications, and quality in all phases of the migration process.

According to the 2019 IDC report, “The Business Value of Efficiently Running High-Performing Windows Workloads in the AWS Cloud”, AWS has been running more than twice as many Windows Server instances as other larger cloud providers for over a decade. Because of this important experience in running Windows applications, Amazon Web Services corporate customers using Amazon EC2 for their Windows Server are five times as many as in 2015.

The AWS cloud platform offers profitable possibilities for any type of business with the intention to implement unlimited innovation in its products or services, without neglecting security and scalability.

Customers facing an End of Support phase of Microsoft products can rely on Spindox for an analysis of the reduction in operating costs thanks to the AWS program.

AWS provides several versions of Windows Server, including Windows Server 2019, and has everything required to build and run Windows applications in addition to Active Directory, .NET, System Center, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio. Moreover, AWS is the only cloud provider that provides production support for Kubernetes in Windows and owns the first and only native Windows file system, which is fully managed in a cloud environment (FSx for Windows File Server).

The migration process proposed by Spindox: Phases and Advantages

Spindox supports the client during all phases starting from the assessment to the modernization phase. The planned phases are as follows:


  • On-premise infrastructure discovery
  • Impact analysis of application migration
  • Definition of the migration strategy
  • Creation of the POC with the objective of enabling the client to better evaluate the technology
  • TCO and cost analysis of post migration management
  • Formalization of the TCO

Migration and optimization

  • Workload transfer to the cloud environment
  • Review of architecture and applications for application cloud use optimization
  • Review and optimization of licenses


  • Introduction of managed services provided by AWS
  • Modernization of applications using services offered by the cloud provider

The goal of the application modernization phase is to use innovative patterns to revitalize legacy applications. This innovation process renders it possible to:

  • reduce the global TCO as well as the infrastructure costs and consolidate the CED;
  • render the use of resources more efficient through less dependence on operational staff;
  • improve the resilience of solutions by enhancing SLAs and reducing off-line times;
  • increase business agility by introducing new features in a fraction of the time compared with on-premise solutions;
  • enable new features and value-added services through AWS solutions.

Why has Spindox chosen AWS? Here are the tools and advantages of the solution

Spindox has chosen the EC2 program provided by their AWS partner not only for the experience Amazon boasts, but also for the certified compliance certifications and high security standards. AWS offers accessibility and availability of their worldwide infrastructure and the presence of a data center in Italy. AWS also provides solutions such as .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Active Directory, in addition to a range of useful tools listed below.

logo SWL Server MS
SQL Server su Amazon EC2
AWS FSx for Windows Fileserver
logo SWL Server MS
SQL Server su Amazon EC2

SQL Server on Amazon EC2

This tool offers flexibility in the availability of a database only for the time necessary for computations.

RDS - Relational Database Service

Managed services for the SQL Server with automatic backup management. These services simplify the configuration, operation, and scalability of SQL Server deployments in the cloud environment. They also facilitate the deployment of the SQL Server in minutes and with resizable reprocessing capabilities.

AWS FSx for Windows Fileserver

This is a native Windows file system that is fully managed, cloud-available, and ready for Kubernetes on Windows.

Windows Server on Amazon EC2

Services for the migration of Windows Server infrastructures, both legacy and current versions, guaranteeing customer support. It provides a secure, reliable, and high-performance environment that enables the deployment of large Windows-based workloads and applications.

Servizio AWS Directory
AWS CloudTrail
Amazon System Manager

AWS Directory Service

Facilitates the management of cloud identity and access and reduces management costs compared with similar on-premise management.


A monitoring and management service. It provides data and information to monitor applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and gain a unified view of operational data.

AWS CloudTrail

A service that handles governance, compliance, operational control, and risk control for your AWS account.

Amazon S3

A storage service that offers scalability, data availability, security, and reliability of performance.

Servizio AWS Directory

Amazon System Manager

A service to simplify the management of resources and applications, reduce the time required to detect and resolve operational problems, and help manage large-scale infrastructure.