Spindox Labs and aHead Research: research that brings innovation

Innovation means ensuring the most modern solutions for the business world.
That\’s why Spindox boasts the ability to rely on two centers of excellence, Spindox Labs and aHead Research, which focus on funded research, technology scouting and development of artificial intelligence-based solutions.

Spindox Labs

Based in Trento, Italy, it presides over research with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) between 4 and 8, i.e., industrial feasibility, prototyping and test bed projects, with focus on artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), IoT and sensor technology.
Among the most significant initiatives we can mention:

  • MiMEX: the international project funded by EIC Fast Track to Innovation and coordinated by Spindox Labs, aimed at developing a prototype mini-supermarket with proximity marketing and self-checkout technologies;
  • COD 19: a home monitoring system for Covid-19 patients, based on mathematical models that predict the course of disease;
  • SDP Connected Vehicle: the Service Delivery Platform adopted by a major supercar manufacturer for the development of its connected car;
  • OptimalSharing@SmartCities: the study of car sharing and ride sharing solutions to make travel patterns and habits in the urban context of Barcelona more sustainable, including environmentally).

aHead Research

aHead Reasearch is the R&D team promoting Spindox’s dissemination of AI-based solutions.

The experienced research activity of aHead Research supports clients and partners with the identification of business problems that can be solved with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Thanks to an extensive business know-how gathered over years of experience in solving real business problems, aHead Research additionally offers AI Consultancy services.



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