Focused on software quality and test automation

Software quality is a distinctive element for us, a mark of outstanding delivery. For this reason, we invest heavily in skills and automation tools. Our purpose is to create a testing factory prepared for new challenges: mobile ecosystem, micro-services applications, software-as-a-service, integration of multi-cloud architectures, and unexpected threats to data security and integrity.

We operate with an agile approach, implementing the DevQOps concept and bringing the culture of quality into the DevOps world. One example is how we develop automated regression tests to make them agile-compatible. Additionally, we focus on security and performance, risk management from a business perspective, and the user-centered experience. All this is achieved through the non-stop communication between the UX/UI design teams, our software development teams and services.

We have created TAP, the Spindox Testing Automation Platform: an environment to automate numerous tests of different types, even for hybrid or native apps.