Luca Lisci joins Spindox as Chief Experience Officer, a bridge between marketing strategies and client success management. Pursuing the company’s goal to strengthen its role as a partner for digital transformation.

Spindox’s soul is increasingly digital: with the entry of Luca Lisci as CXO, the company speeds up its development path and proposes itself as a partner for business transformation and not only as a provider of IT services. Through Experience Design activities, Lisci will support both our clients and our market re-positioning process.

Diversified experience

Lisci’s experience dwells in providing digital solutions for international clients belonging to the Luxury, Fashion and Automotive industry, including some of the most important Italian brands, such as Ferragamo, Valentino, Armani, Moncler, and the most important names in luxury car industry.

He worked in high-profile publishing projects with true cultural icons such as David Lynch, Peter Greenaway, and Frank Gehry. In recent years he ursued a career in the financial sector as Innovation & Strategic Designer. He worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, and London, developing a network within the study centers of major global investment banks, including JPMorgan, CitiGroup and BNP Paribas.

Chief Experience Officer, a role in between customer success management and marketing. When did you meet with Spindox?

Twelve years ago, actually.

I started asa manager in digital design at Spindox. After a few years of Creative Managementin close contact with the engineering and software development departments -years in which I consolidated my tech skills – I had the opportunity to understand the consequences of the enormous transformation that every type of business was about to face.

When we parted ways, I chose the path of corporate communication, in which I was able to express my vision of innovation within international scenarios. Mixing design activities for marketing with my research in the strategic field, I began to work more and more with global players, leader companies in the Publishing and Finance industries. I lived abroad until a few months ago. Then, I had a fortunate and timing encounter with Spindox again, just as the company was preparing to shift its strategic interests towards the consulting sector.

This is a second take for Spindox and me. We grew a lot since our last adventure together and we both wish to bring value to this new story, through innovation andreaching out to new markets worldwide. We will be able to create new valuable experiences, both for our collaborators and for our clients.

Experience Design and the Italian excellence asa holistic approach

For me, sharing experience is the driving force and the engine behind everything. It is the paramount value, bringing together the individual and the collective. It is therefore essential to align the already built experience with the very nature of the brand.

If experience is the main phenomenon of my daily work, Design is the discipline through which I achieve my goals. I believe that this approach is one of the main factors why Spindox chose me for this role.

Design practice is at the heart of our age, where innovation and transformation must be integrated processes in a scenario of continuous acceleration. Business depends on new approaches that generate value, from the idea to its execution.

Spindox clients are among the most important names of the Italian economy. These companies recognize us as excellent in the effectiveness of our work and in the abilityto intercept new technologies and dynamic structure. We are a company that preserves in its DNA the characteristics of a typical Italian company totally devoted to quality.  Travelling from Asia to America, I was able to clearly see how much the quality of Italian products remains linked to our culture. The same Italian approach – the often mentioned ‘Italian style’ – is in fact a benchmark of absolute international value. From fashion to luxury, to automotive, the Italian spirit – understood as the aesthetic and functional expression of our deepest cultural values – has no equal in its ability to manage an end-to-end line in design activities, from high strategy to the concrete execution of every detail.

The concept of Tribe

Creatingand leading experiences is a game that changes every time. Businesses evolve rapidly, and their organizational processes evolve with them. Spindox is transforming fast. For these reasons, we have developed our own concept of the “tribe” model, already introduced in the digital economy scenario by companies like Spotify. We like the concept of tribe because it allows togenerate forms of self-organization around the personal experiences of the individual.

This model is designed to have a world-wide monitoring of all experiences, which are organized by lines of expertise called chapters. Every chapter havewell-defined roles and functions in providing advice to the customer through teams composed of heterogeneous figures. This approach allows the customer tobe an integrated part of our tribes.

Blackdee and Graydee: new challenges for the delta

Blackdee, for example, is the Spindox tribe we have created to oversee all Design activities. It is organized to comprehensively aggregate design skills in any declination. We are recruiting outstanding profiles in strategic, interaction, and service design, but also great talents in the world of motion design and product design. We are also scouting – as proof of our multidisciplinary approach – sound designers, data scientists, UX copywriters, and creative coders.

Graydee is our tribe embracing the strategic scenario of Digital Marketing. Having to choose where to begin building our new proposal, it was easy to start from contents, because Spindox has a strong and distinctive content culture. From content making to content marketing, the transition is strictly connected: today Graydee is experimenting with content and languages. One example is all the events we produced in recent years: real live performances technologically enabled.

Spindox, therefore, is experiencing a true change of skin. What are the next steps?

The establishment of the role of Chief Experience Officer is just one of the actions that the company has undertaken in this period of radical change.

Compared to the IT company we have come to know, our customers are asking us for a broader understanding of how technology can enhance their business models. Spindox’s current challenge is to redefine its expertise in all areas of Digital Transformation: Marketing, Business, Design and Technology as aspects of a single vision. We want to make the company a new starting from the enhancement of our achievementsto this day. The evolution will involve our processes and will be expressed in the ways in which Spindox will use the communication tools, from the consolidated ones to the most innovative ones.

We carry in out DNA the drive to build for the future. We are aware of our role and it is our ambition to present ourselves as promoters of a new culture of innovation. We will do this in the exercise of our activities with our clients, but also through our own new editorial venture to promote this culture in Italy and worldwide. We will make it so that single many souls of Spindox will express our love for the future.