Spindox Labs: innovation, R&D, future

Spindox Labs is our advanced innovation hub, just two steps away from the University of Trento. This is where we do technological scouting, prototyping (together with Blackdee), grant-based research projects, partnerships with start-up and academic spin-offs, and support to clients during the implementation of innovative solutions.

There is a common thread running through Trento headquarters and Spindox North America offices. We have set office in Chicago inside “1871”, a startup accelerator, one the largest in the United States. From there we engage with start-ups overseas and build partnership, while imagining new solutions for our clients.

Research & Development · Collaboration with research centers and universities · Prototypes implementation

Development areas:

  • Artificial intelligence (deep learning algorithms for natural language recognition and artificial sight)
  • 3D Modelling
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking sensors
  • Wearable sensors development
  • Blockchain
  • Robots and cooperative drones