The Spindox European accelerator project, based at the 1871 incubator in Chicago, IL, launches. We want to select innovative start-ups with high potential to be supported in the process of validating the business idea in the marketplace.

At Spindox we look for innovative, high-tech start-ups with strong growth potential. To accompany them on their journey, we have created Proxible, a pre-acceleration and validation program for business ideas. We believe start-ups are a powerful engine of innovation, and not only in the world of technology. We also believe that the best innovative projects come to life in open and dynamic ecosystems. That’s why, since our foundation, we have been operating within innovation networks, including universities, public and private research centers, established companies and – indeed – start-ups.

Today, Spindox invests more than 2 percent of its turnover in research and is involved in a significant number of projects at the European level. Such is the case of OptimalSharing@SmartCities, launched together with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya with the aim of making car sharing services more efficient in the Barcelona metropolitan area. Or MIMEX, an IoT Retail concept for an automated point of sale and a frictionless shopping experience.

Involvement, between Europe and the U.S.

Proxible operations in the U.S. are entrusted to Paolo Quattrocolo, who is in charge of scouting the world of technological innovation and making contact with start-ups active at the Chicago 1871 incubator. The goal is to graft the selected start-ups into the acceleration program conceived and designed by Spindox, to facilitate their entry into the market. The mission is developed consistently with the strategic directions defined by the company’s board. In this way, scouting generates an advantage for Spindox’s overall activities overseas, opening collaborations to clients and partners. In Italy, Bixuit consulting team is supporting Paolo in the continuous alignment between strategic objectives and operational activities.

Sweet home, Chicago

The choice of Chicago as the base for Spindox’s U.S. operations is far from obvious. Because Chicago is not the Silicon Valley, which continues to occupy a unique position in the collective imagination for so many people who follow the venture capital scena. The fact is that, from Spindox’s perspective, Chicago is something more. The city sits at the intersection of major trends in technological innovation – from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, from Blockchain to the Metaverse and to Biotech – and more mature industries. Even more: some major Italian multinationals have their American headquarters in Chicago and the Midwest. In this sense, the city constitutes an ideal bridge between the two sides of the Atlantic.   

As for 1871, it represents a unique case in the global tech scene. 1871 means a dense and diverse community, made up of actors that revolve around the needs of early stage and growth start-ups, but also the world of corporate innovation. Altogether, we are talking about more than 350 mentors, 100 industry partners, 4 venture capital firms and 7 affiliated universities. To the start-ups that move within this community, Spindox offers a unique opportunity: to find the key to access towards the European digital ecosystem, which in recent years has taken on distinctive characteristics compared to the American one. The European Union has defined a new regulatory framework with which innovative companies must comply if they want to succeed. Spindox has a deep understanding of this context and can therefore help U.S. start-ups move in the right way and successfully target their ambitions.

Think big

Spindox has growth as its mantra. In 15 years, our company climbed the ranks of the Italian ICT, earned the trust of internationally profiled clients, achieved increasingly significant size, and also set up operations in Spain, Switzerland, and other European countries. Today, the Spindox group is listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of the Italian stock exchange and has more than 1,000 employees. Proxible confirms our willingness to push ourselves overseas to take on bigger and bigger challenges, starting with those we can take on in the sectors where we have the most significant expertise, from Automotive to TLC, from Fashion to Retail. At the same time, Spindox wants to act as a driving force for innovative American companies on European soil as well.

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