Ublique, decision intelligence in complex scenarios

Ublique© is the platform supporting decision-making processes that integrates mathematical optimisation techniques, predictive models based on machine learning algorithms and simulation systems. Unlike other decision intelligence solutions, Ublique© is not just technology. Spindox works with a multidisciplinary team of IT experts, data scientists and domain consultants. With this approach we help clients who need to make decisions in complex scenarios to use decision science in a rigorous way, simplifying and monitoring the entire process.

In 2021, our technology was was included in two Gartner Hype Cycles among the top 10 global vendors of continuous intelligence solutions. Ublique© also includes a suite of vertical use cases that support decision-making through quantitative methods and sophisticated analysis techniques. Each of the use cases addresses a specific process: Demand Intelligence, Revenue Management, Transport Planning and Warehouse Optimization.

The platform

At the heart of Ublique© is the decision intelligence platform, which enables the configuration of the most appropriate decision flow in the given context. It includes an engine for real time data ingestion and orchestration, standardised components for rapid development of touchpoints (desktop and mobile) and runtime services enabling basic functionality and new adapters.

Main components:

  • UX
  • Tools for flow design
  • Data management engine
  • Integration adapter

Ublique© provides an extensive library of algorithms for mathematical optimisation, machine learning techniques for predictive analysis and simulation models. The library, which is continuously enriched with new analytical components, support any use case, enabling even the most complex decision making processes. The analytical modules can be easily combined according to a Lego approach, based on the principles of composable AI.

The technology is the result of joint work by the Swiss team of Spindox AG and the artificial intelligence expertise of Spindox Labs and aHead Research.


Ublique use cases

Ublique© provides multiple vertical solutions (use cases) that inherit the functionality of the platform. Each of them provides, in an integrated way:

  • UX to manage and visualise data and information
  • Specific decision flow
  • Ready-to-use ML/AI prediction and optimisation algorithms

Examples of use cases:

Demand Intelligence. Through the quantitative analysis of historical demand data and with the use of Data Mining models, Ublique© evaluates the behaviour of present demand in the past and predicts future trends.

Transport planning. A complete transport management system with optimisation technology to improve service levels and reduce transport costs through the use of advanced analytical techniques.

Warehouse Optimisation. This use case provides effective logistics and supply chain management using dynamic simulations and mathematical optimisation technologies.

Revenue Management. The solution supports revenue managers in advanced analysis using a unique combination and integration of forecasting, optimisation and simulation models.