Luca Foglino, CEO of Spindox: “We are the partner of companies that innovate and transform themself”.

In the interview given to Data Manager (November 2018) Luca Foglino illustrates the great transformation that Spindox has started in recent months: the strategy, the strategic business plan, the new organization and the changes in our cultural paradigm. Our main goal is to be more and more close to the heart of client’s digital transformation. Meanwhile, Data Manager has published the ranking of the top 100 Italian ICT and we discovered that again this year, Spindox has climbed a few steps.

Spindox is changing its skin. Why are we having this transformation and what are our objectives?

Foglino: change is in our DNA. For us, evolution is a continuous process, even if today we are at a critical point of our journey. We want to capitalize on the innovation’s assets we have built up over the years and be the partner that guides customers through the digital transformation process. A technology supplier is not enough for companies, no matter how good it is. They need an advisor to help them use next-generation IT to rethink their business. Digitalization is a very powerful medium, still largely unexplored. However, this is only a means to an end. A reliable partner must therefore dominate the medium (the technology), but also have a great awareness of the end (the transformation). Spindox’s goal is to have the right tools to discuss about digital transformation with its clients because they don’t want only more technology. They want to be “digital”, that means changing the way employees work, engaging the market, managing production processes, conceiving products and services offered.

Not just IT.

Foglino: Technology is part of a broader approach, which refers to business and methodological skills, as well as communication’s ones. We are ready to take up the challenge. On one hand, we want to enhance the innovative spirit that has defined us since the beginning, focusing on the new generation of IT, i.e. the technologies that IDC defines as the third and fourth platform. On the other hand, we broaden our vision: business, design and communication.

Is this the reason why Spindox has created three new brands?

Foglino: We actually reviewed the entire organization of Spindox and created three new tribes. The first is Blackdee, our design thinking team. We embrace the design paradigm to design services, experiences and models of interaction. The second tribe comes from the world of IT consulting, in which Spindox has always been strong, to enrich it with new skills. We called it Amberdee and we made it big: more than one hundred people who deal with governance, analysis, business transformation and security. Finally, there is Graydee, our digital marketing and editorial production agency. Because transformation means communicating transformation. 

What does Spindox mean when it talks about a new technological paradigm?

Foglino: There are three phenomena behind the new IT scenario: cloud computing, mobile and IoT. They are the great carriers of change, on which everything else depends: the software that is no longer an artifact and becomes a service, the explosion of data, the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence. Spindox is focusing its research and development efforts on these trends. In Trento, where we have our R&D centre, we work on the mostimportant fronts: artificial intelligence (in particular deep learning algorithms for natural language recognition and artificial vision), 3D modelling, sensors for indoor and outdoor localization, wearable sensors, blockchain, robots and collaborative drones.

What about the Chicago office?

We settled in 1871 incubator, one of the largest in the United States. From there we scout for startups and innovative solutions.