Spindox, your partner in digital transformation

Spindox partners with large Italian companies through their digital transformation. The company, which was founded in 2007 by an ambitious group of managers who still own the company, has continued to enjoy rapid growth. In just a few years, Spindox has been established as one of the most dynamic entities in the Italian scene, ranking in the top 100 in the ICT sector (source: IDC – Data Manager). We are at the crossroads of technology, design, strategy and communication. Moreover, we handle not only technology but also innovation consulting. Our next goal is to make digital transformation part of core business models, within the culture and business processes of its customers.

The focus on expertise and the obsession for quality, combined with enthusiasm, dynamism and an entrepreneurial mindset are in our company’s DNA. We strive to continue our rapid growth and intend to enter the international market in the next few years. We’re confident that we will achieve our goals through our constant investments in innovation and in the professional growth of our people.

Our customers

Spindox’s portfolio features many company leaders in their industries, which include telecommunications, automotive, banking, distribution and logistics, consumer goods, food, fashion and luxury, energy, public utilities, media. The revenue forecast for 2019 is 50 million euros, with a 10% increase from 2018.

We pride ourselves with our commitment to work together with the client. We also strive to maintain our proactive quality, where understanding and flexibility characterize the consulting approach of the company, always providing custom solutions with expertise.

Our organization

Spindox maintains a staff of 600 people, all accomplished professionals in their field of expertise, across seven cities: Milan, Turin, Rome, Ivrea, Trento, Cagliari, Maranello. We also have three branches in strategic foreign cities: Tunisi, Bucharest and Chicago – and an R&D hub, Spindox Labs, in Trento.

We offer services and products under four different brands: Amberdee (project governance, strategic and process consultancy, cybersecurity and compliance), Blackdee (service design, experience design, interaction design, and user interface design), Graydee (digital marketing, communication, and events), and the corporate umbrella Spindox (architectures, system integration, software development, infrastructure management, business support, help desk and service desk in multiple languages 24/7, all year around).

Spindox employees describe the workplace as dynamic and inspiring, where they know their satisfaction is important. In addition, we invest in our employees’ professional growth through Spindox Academy, a job training initiative provided to all employees.

Our partners