We are leading the digital transformation that increases the value of your business

Business as the purpose, technology as a service, digital as culture and vision. This is digital transformation that generates value, understood as a competitive advantage, the discovery of extraordinary opportunities, innovation of products, openness towards the global market, engine of efficiency, safety and sustainability. The digital transformation is the one that ties agility and the speed of execution with a conscientious risk management. This is how we see it at Spindox, since 2007 alongside large companies that want to shift gears.

At the meeting point between research, ICT services, consulting and technological development, Spindox accompanies the transformation of the digital economy in all areas: from telecommunications to the banking and insurance sector, from automotive to manufacturing and logistics,

from traditional to mass-market retailing, from the food to the fashion industry, up to the world of energy and public utilities.

The strong integration between our research hub in Trento, Italy (Spindox Labs) and the activities carried out for our clients throughout Italy and abroad allows us to innovate continuously, to be first in the application of cutting-edge technologies and to turn the results of our work to be structured and solid.

That is why we are one of the best partners on the market for the digital transformation of large companies. A serious and reliable partner. We are acting aware of the responsibilities we assume towards our clients and the communities we are operating in. And we are committed to integrate the paradigm of social and environmental sustainability in everything we do.

What we do: research, ICT services, products and consulting

Spindox has a digital soul. A soul that does not only reflect in the technological readiness of our employees. Because we believe that being “digital-savvy” is much more that being “tech-savvy”. Digital transformation is a transformation of cultures, talents, organizations, markets, products and services, economies and communities. The Spindox model brings together four areas:

• Research
• ICT Services
• Products
• Consulting

Research is the source of innovation in everything we do: innovation in technological choices, in the methodological approach and in the market vision. Innovation fuels the development of our solutions. These, in turn, integrate with a complete range of ICT services: system integration on “enterprise-grade” platforms and solutions, web/mobile development with hybrid and native frameworks, on-premise and cloud infrastructure management, software quality assurance, OSS and telecommunication engineering services, IT operations and DevOps, cyber security. Spindox’s decision support solutions enable a new type of consultancy in which data and the capability to extract all the value they contain are central.