Hybrid apps, the multiplatform standard beyond mobile phones

We do multidevice, multiplatform, and hybrid apps. We’re the ones you go to for the Ionic framework based on Cordova and Angular JS or for React Native. This is because at Spindox, innovation never stops, even when we define tech standards and stacks.

When it comes down to mobile apps, there is no other way. In the last few years, consolidated paradigms have been challenged to the core. It was believed that Android and iOS native apps would rule the world. Instead, the world has changed. We have also surpassed the WebView concept. Today, new developing tools allow us to apply development strategies that are completely different from those previous.

The developer in Spindox is agile and flexible

The Spindox digital team operates in an agile way and is made up of about 200 people divided into chapters and tribes in continuous evolution.
“The nature of the business unit requires a lot of flexibility. We deal with the development of mobile applications and web portals, CRM, cloud solutions, to which, if necessary, we apply the DevOps methodology.

Furthermore, we collaborate with Spindox research groups, such as SpindoxLabs, implementing our activity in companies with innovative technologies such as image recognition” says Giovanni Obino, Director of the Spindox Digital Business Unit.

A matter of design

We make hybrid apps even in highly complex enterprise scenarios, those in which we must handle unpredictable access peaks, huge data exchange between front-end and back-end, integration with legacy systems, and distribution in multiple languages. Even in the most complicated cases, we guarantee a rich and coherent user experience thanks to our approach based on service and interaction design in addition to graphical interface design.