Managed Services: operational and predictive monitoring that anticipates the digital transformation

Spindox defines the new End User Support Experience through the Managed Services Business Unit. It is an always predictive and never only reactive approach, in perfect line with the standard of Continuous Improvement, the support analysis activity that allows to improve the processes and infrastructures of companies to make their costs and resources more efficient and increase their quality. The Managed Services BU operates in Automotive, Finance, Telco, Retail and Transports industries and manages four types of activities.

Transition & Service Management

During the assessment and set up phases of new mobile applications and Enterprise the foundations are laid for a correct Service Management service that coordinates the end-to-end supply chain. But it\\\’s not just about data analysis and trouble ticketing. In addition to coordinate the Service Management activities, the Transition Manager identifies corrective actions and evolutionary proposals through the design thinking approach, organizing business brainstorming workshops and involving the IT departments in the decision-making process.

Remote & proactive support

Our Service Desk, multilingual and multichannel, manage more than 80% of cases through Remote Control and co-browsing tools. Furthermore, preventive and evolutionary maintenance interventions are identified through the analysis of the data collected and processed on Business Intelligence tools.

Monitoring & reporting

Infrastructure monitoring is done remotely, through dedicated software and consoles. The services are provided 24 hours a day, 7×7 and the data recorded on trouble ticketing systems and coming from the monitoring consoles are made available through dashboards that allow navigation and drill down within the reports.

Data Center & Cloud Services

An expert system administrator team manages data centers and infrastructures in the cloud, with health check, system & firmware upgrade, security patching, back up & disaster recovery in close collaboration with the Service Desk and Monitoring teams.