Bixuit is Spindox's Experience Design and Growth Hacking studio, created to accelerate and evolve digital businesses. Since 2017, Bixuit has been designing high-quality and effective experiences from an end-to-end perspective, with a focus on the "value system" of brands. Bixuit has three areas of expertise: Content & Visual Strategy, Digital Marketing and Digital Experience.

What we can do

& Visual Strategy

We analyse the market scenario and competitors, know and identify the brand's unique values, and ensure that the positioning, image and digital strategy are perfectly matched.


We analyse performance and ensure rapid testing phases to catch every 'continuous improvement' opportunity and carry out iterative processes needed to improve and grow the business.


We create fluid and consistent experiences based on co-design practices, empathy and efficiency principles. We create experiences that are consistent and ongoing with the related digital ecosystem.

How we work

Over the years, Bixuit's multidisciplinary team - made up of art directors, digital strategists, growth hackers, digital marketers and UX/UI designers - has developed its working framework. The framework is a model that we refer to every time we approach a project. It is a modular framework, which easily adapts to the client's needs, offering deliverables and tangible results at the end of each phase. After the analysis, research and definition of the business strategy, we design the solution and define the necessary tools for performance monitoring. Afterwards, we support the development team in the implementation phase and prepare tests, whose results show us the necessary improvements and how to deal with them.

We work with the customer through the entire project using the methodology of design thinking, which ensures that the result is always in line with business expectations.