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  •  “More than just reporting” – this is the mantra of Business Intelligence today. Advanced analytics, in particular, offer huge potential in terms of return on investment in BI systems and data inventory. It is moving from a "mere" description about what happened toward a prediction of what is going to happen, and finally to prescribe what are the actions that are needed.

  • By 2020 the number of objects connected to the Internet will exceed 50 billion. The ecosystems involved in this development are not only automobile and house environment but also offices, shops, and public places. The spaces where people and objects communicate with each other for a more intelligent management of resources are growing. Spindox has poured its experience in the field of sensor-enabled devices into a prototype of smart bracelet. The microchip embedded in the strap enables the bracelet to access to a lot of services: authentication into corporate resources, virtualization, meal vouchers, payments and augmented reality. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, the cuff can also be applied to safety and security-related cases.

  • DevOps is not just about tools, frameworks, and automation, but instead is about breaking down the barrier which sees the development team only responsible for the code, and the operations team tied just to the deployment and configuration.In order to achieve this, the keys are Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Microservices.

  • Cloud allows companies to get rid of all of these things, having their own data accessible from everywhere, without having to worry about where the servers are and to focus on their own core business. Spindox has a proven track record of complex migrations from on-premise to the cloud, being able to follow "cloudification" projects from the inception to the implementation, with either pure-cloud or hybrid architectures.

  • Enterprise Integration means decoupling IT systems through specific software platforms, conveying data and messages and also performing technological translation if deemed necessary. Spindox has been designing and implementing Enterprise Architectures for more than a decade, especially with Software AG and Tibco platforms.

who we are

2007 year of birth
32M turnover
470 employees
7 offices
Products & Services

Since 2007 we are active in a wide gamma of application domains, technologies and processes:
- Enterprise Integration & BPM
- Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
- Customer Engagement & CRM
- Mobile Applications
- Strategic Design
We also offer services in telecommunications and network engineering


Spindox companies our customers' applications and IT infrastructures. We take care of everything you need in these cases, from planning/installation to full operation:
- First and second level Help Desk, telephone and mail/ticket, even 24x7.
- We can handle requests in Italian, English, French and Arabic
- Application support
- Infrastructure maintenance


Managing complex projects is both a necessity and a challenge in the ICT world.
Spindox is at the forefront. With a team of qualified consultants, we work alongside clients to help them reinvent their business through the use of the most advanced technologies and to support them in project management.
In particular, we offer:
- Project/program management
- Business analysis
- Strategic Consulting

recent projects

Focus On


Spindox lands in the US

28 May - 31 Dec 2018

Launch of the North American branch of Spindox

Spindox lands in the US market through Spindox North America with a dual mission: to explore and identify the business opportunities in the Chicago 1871 entrepreneurial hub ecosystem and to be a partner for those companies or start-ups wishing to enter the European market.

Thanks to 10 years experience in the field of digital innovation, gained with the largest players in the European market, Spindox will be able to offer in the United States a wide range of business services ranging from software development to professional services geared towards digital innovation.

The added value of Spindox is the creative and flexible soul that characterizes it, combined with the international vocation. Many of our projects have been developed to operate in a foreign market such as China, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

The numerous partnerships with platform and software suppliers add to the Spindox’s offer the guarantee of technologically advanced solutions. In 10 years we have achieved many goals such as being the advisor for the largest data-center transformation in Europe and being a leader in cloud infrastructure development.

The brands that we show as our customers have chosen Spindox for the ability to be flexible and deliver an innovative product that increases the company’s ROI. Our golden tickets are our people and their skills, maintained at the forefront by collaborating with the best Italian universities in R&D in the fields of IoT, data science, digital transformation and industry 4.0.

The physical presence in the American ecosystem will allow us to explore the business and technological realities of the United States, increasing the awareness of know-how both on technological and business level.


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