•  “More than just reporting” – this is the mantra of Business Intelligence today. Advanced analytics in particular offer huge potential in terms of return on investment in BI systems and data inventory.It is moving from a "mere" description about what happened toward a prediction of what is going to happen, and finally to prescribe what are the actions that are needed.
  • By 2020 the number of objects connected to the Internet will exceed 50 billion. The ecosystems involved in this development are not only automobile and house environment, but also offices, shops and public places. The spaces where people and objects communicate with each other for a more intelligent management of resources are growing. Spindox has poured its experience in the field of sensor-enabled devices into a prototype of smart bracelet. The microchip embedded in the strap enables the bracelet to access to a lot of services: authentication into corporate resources, virtualization, meal vouchers, payments and augmented reality. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, the cuff can also be applied for safety and security-related cases.
  • DevOps is not just about tools, frameworks, and automation, but instead is about breaking down the barrier which sees the development team only responsible for the code, and the operations team tied just to the deployment and configuration.In order to achieve this, the keys are Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Microservices.
  • “Mobile applications are dead. Long live mobile applications!” So we can paraphrase what is happening in the world of Mobile Internet with the progressive development of HTML5 as a reference technology for the development of cross-platform applications. Spindox has settled a technology stack based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The model is based on a classic three-tier architecture, but the generation of HTML is all moved client side: it provides a richer experience for the user and reduces network traffic. Our development framework includes tools such as Sencha (HTML5), AngularJS (JavaScript) and Backbone.js (JavaScript).

  • How to protect people working in industrial facilities from the risk of serious accidents? Being able to track their position in real time might be revolutionary for the field. Working closely with some Oil & Gas operators, we designed a system to monitor the safety of both plant and employees that operate with or near hazardous chemicals. The position of the employees (and vehicles) is detected continuously and displayed in real-time in a 3D environment, which reproduces the facility in a photo-realistic and immersive way. Safety guards can then navigate in the simulation with the 3D application. Spindox is now able to bring this innovative system in refineries and chemical plants around the world.

Products & Services

Since 2007, we have anticipated major changes in the IT world: mobile, cloud computing, big data, internet of things. We have done this thanks to the proficiency and energy of a team of hundreds of people, able to manage the most complex system integration and software development projects.

Today we operate in a wide range of application areas, technologies and processes:

- Enterprise Integration and BPM

- Business Intelligence and big data

- Customer Engagement and CRM


- IOT & Embedded

- Java Enterprise Applications

- Microsoft Solutions

- Digital Solutions

In each of these areas, we operate with specific and specialized structures, where certified, highly experienced technicians work with dedication (take a look at our partners).

Furthermore, we offer two types of services in the world of telecommunications:

- mobile/convergent network engineering

- OSS (in our Ivrea and Bucharest offices)

Our functional/business design and software testing divisions complement our range of services. Apart from this, we have our own cloud factory: Italy’s most advanced in sustaining application and infrastructure migration towards the IaaS/PaaS models.

Software development activities are entrusted to different operative units, based in Milan, Turin, Maranello and Tunis, which employ dozens of experts. Spindox’s cloud factory expertise covers a very broad range of technologies. From a more “traditional” domain (Java 2EE, Microsoft Framework .Net and PHP) up to most advanced stacks used to develop multi-platform web applications based on HTML5 and JavaScript standards: Ruby, JS Node, AngularJS e Python. On a DBMS level, we also employ innovative technologies such as MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase e PostgreSQL.

Our methodologies are committed to advanced development models (devops, microservices, containers) and take advantage of innovative planning standards (agile, test automation, continuous integration/delivery).


In Spindox, a team of over a hundred people, divided between the Italian and international branches, supports our clients in managing applications and IT infrastructures. We take care of everything: from demand management to software development, from help desk services to infrastructure maintenance.

As part of our demand & planning management activities, we take care of requirements analysis, business case definition, project planning and the management of our on-site deployed consultants.

We supply application support to strict SLA standards, according to the specific issues we face during the job. Each day big clients entrust to Spindox some of their most critical applications. We keep them constantly under control, ready to intervene as soon as required.

In addition, we supply 1st and 2nd line help desk services, either by telephone or via email, also available as a 24/7 service. Our staff, working from Milan and from Tunis, are able to manage requests in Italian, English, French and Arabic.

Finally, we guarantee data centre management on the premises or in cloud. We take care of infrastructures, whether they have been designed by our cloud factory, by our client, or by a third-party contractor.


Needs change, and new needs require new technologies, but, most importantly, they require the intelligence and passion of people.

The management of complex projects in the ICT world, where actors with different functions are engaged in various ways, is both a necessity and a challenge, one that takes a different form every day. The aim is always the same: to stay within budget and deadlines. However, the sets of problems change, and the size and complexity of project increases constantly. Sometimes new technologies are layered over older ones, while some other times they require a clean break, also in terms of business processes and models.

Spindox is here. With a team of qualified consultants, we support clients to aid them to reinvent their business using the most advanced technologies and to support them in project management. We pool together the ability to create and fulfil visions, a wide spectrum of expertise, and the certified quality of our work methods.

Specifically, we offer:

- Project office activities

- Project/program management

- Business analysis

- Vertical consultancy on specific issues

Listening ability, real expertise, openness to innovation: these are our distinctive features.


Cloud computing is a paradigm that deals with change, in the sense that it enables new ways to collaborate. It’s a kind of change not easy to manage, yet with a huge potential. Cloud means to move towards an economic model based on variable cost, to obtain relevant scale advantage, to apply an on-demand resource management, to become faster, to focus on business goals and objectives.

Spindox can offer one of the most qualified teams in Italy devoted to cloud project management: AWS and Azure certified architects and specialists, to convert applications and infrastructures to a new paradigm. We deal with:

- IaaS/PaaS design

- Datacenter Migration/Transformation

- Governance

- Monitoring

- Maintenance

Among the activities conducted by our cloud factory there are planning and consulting operations, even of great complexity, such as:

- Virtual farm planning (Europe, USA, China)

- IaaS design and management

- VPC and Security Group management

- High reliability architecture design

- Infrastructure integration (ibrid cloud)

- Services integration (VPN, Direct Connect)

- Data integration (SQL, NoSQL)

- Models configuration and autoscaling procedures

- Stress Tests

- Software Distribution

- Big Data architecture design (Mapreduce, Hadoop)

- Video Streaming, CMS

- CDN configuration (also in China)

- Disaster Recovery

- Hosting (also in China)

Ux design

We are specialists in the study and implementation of graphical user interfaces and interactive experiences. Our team includes interaction designers, art directors and experts in 3D animations of great competence. We married the Web paradigm and developed a framework for cross-platform applications with completely browser-based front-end (HTML5). We exploit it to produce 2D/3D user interfaces, also very sophisticated.

In particular Spindox has put together a series of innovative concepts that relate to the three-dimensional representation of geo-referenced data, infographic interactive systems for reporting and dashboards, 3D projections of objects for exhibition contexts (shopping, museums, events), augmented reality.

recent projects

who we are

2007 year of birth
30M 2013 turnover
400 employees
7 offices
Young energy

We are constantly looking for employees with high potential and cultivating new talents: a company with new people and a new culture.

Research oriented

We innovate by interacting with the start-ups and universities worlds: our collaborations with the universities of Trento, Pisa and Pavia.

Global vision

Our roots are firmly planted in Italy, but we look at the world, searching development opportunities in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Continuous growth

In a business context that appear sometime depressed, Spindox is showing great dynamism: from zero to twenty million euro in seven years.

More than IT

Our background is in software, but in a few years we have developed new skills: TLC, sensors, devices.

Giving back to the community

We have always been committed to supporting non-profit organizations, with particular attention to youth problems and education.

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Focus On


The future we believe in

20 Dec - 31 Dec 2017

Believe in opportunities, pursue the future. New Year, new Projects: our wish.

We believe in opportunities. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue a better future, for themselves and for everyone. While we wish colleagues, customers, partners and friends a 2018 full of challenges and opportunities, we renew our commitment to those most in need: this year our solidarity goes to the Organizzazione di Aiuto Fraterno, supporting children in difficulty in the south of the world and in Italy.

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