When the challenge for innovation becomes serious, Spindox begins to stand out

There are system integrators and the classical ICT service providers. And then there is Spindox, your partner leading the digital transformation for large companies. With all the technological expertise needed, but above all with a special attention for our client’s challenges and business objectives.

Spindox is your travel mate in the open sea of extreme innovation, where technology becomes a service and the changes in competitive environments speed up and become always more difficult to predict. Spindox’s ecosystem creates value through the worthy cycle of innovation:

• by doing research in our innovation hub in Trento (Italy);
• by developing solutions for monitoring, analysis and decision support;
• by providing consultancy for your digital strategy, the design of new products and services and for the project management and compliance;
• by supporting you with a complete range of ICT services.

We are proud of our rich number of success stories achieved with customers of primary importance. From retail banking on digital channels to connected car scenarios, from automated maintenance for power supply lines to frictionless supermarkets, from monitoring of large infrastructure and application parks to the design of customer experiences at the point of sales for luxury brands.

We are a point of reference for technologies for the digital transformation: artificial intelligence for the optimization of business processes, on-premise and cloud infrastructures, cross-platform applications with hybrid and native frameworks, big data, IOT systems for indoor and outdoor localization. And for large projects of system integration, DevOps, cyber security, software quality and IT operations.




The platform for decision making that implements statistical tools and applied artificial intelligence for simulation, forecasting and process optimization.