Our solutions: Ublique, SpinRetail, Proxible

Spindox offers solutions that support the decision making and enable innovative business scenarios. The development of our products is part of a rigorous portfolio management process. That starts from a continuous confrontation with the markets and the ecosystem of innovation, which feeds the cutting-edge work of our research departments, using all the knowledge in the field of applications, processes and industries of our team of consultants to full capability.

Spindox’s solutions help customers by making better decisions in complex environments, enable new experiences in the point of sales and allow to explore in depth the world of startups and innovation. Our platforms are analysis and data driven because we believe that this is the essence of digital transformation.

Our portfolio includes currently three solutions: • Ublique • SpinRetail • Proxible

SPINRETAIL is the platform that enables new customer experiences in the point of sales (proximity marketing, self-checkout) and increases the effectiveness of the shelf replenishment and inventory management processes.

The solution integrates vision technologies, weight sensors and localization devices.

UBLIQUE© is a suite of vertical solutions based on mathematical models and artificial intelligence (machine learning) to support business decision-making through optimization, predictive analyses, and simulations of phenomena. With Ublique©, you can reduce costs, increase process productivity and service levels, predict trends and behaviors of complex systems, increase security, reduce risks, and address crises that are a result of unforeseen events. Ublique© helps make decisions for the most complex and uncertain scenarios, such as the post-covid era, by quickly reprogramming the logic for procurement, production, storage, and distribution. From a technological point of view, the solution is based on two components common to all vertical applications: a homogeneous user experience across the different channels (desktop and mobile) and a platform for orchestrating backend services. This backend infrastructure, which originates from Spindox\’s experience in extreme fields that include the real-time monitoring of telecommunication network systems, makes Ublique© a technology oriented toward big data and being cloud native.

PROXIBLE is the online destination where startups, structured companies, investors and venture capital initiatives meet.

Thanks to an inventive model of maturity assessment and to a competitive positioning analysis, Proxible evaluates the potential of each startup and points out how it generates value for the partner companies.