Our solutions: Ublique and SpinRetail

The development of Spindox’s solutions and products is part of a rigorous portfolio management process, which starts from a continuous comparison with the market and the innovation ecosystem. Here, our research departments works hard to exploit all the knowledge regarding application domains, processes, and the industry domains of the consulting team.

Today, our portfolio includes two solutions:

  • Ublique, the Spindox technology for decision-making;
  • SpinRetail, the concept that enables new experiences in the store retail;


SpinRetail is a platform that enables new experiences for the customer in the retail store (proximity marketing, self check-out) and increases the effectiveness of shelf replenishment and inventory managing processes. The integration between vision technologies, weight sensors, and localization devices accommodates flexible and automated solutions. In fact, these solutions are the basis of the Micro Market Experience project (MiMEX), selected under the EU Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) program, the concept evolution for which Spindox Labs is responsible. Furthermore, the new scenarios resulting from the Covid pandemic call for rapid transformations in consumption styles, accelerating the continuous evolution of individual spending habits.

The SpinRetail platform facilitates meeting the needs of the retailer and customers, optimizing the management of social distancing required by retail stores to respect health regulations. Heatmaps analyze customer movement for better product allocation. Object detection techniques monitor the collection and activate feedback for customers as personalized offers. All this is done by guaranteeing the rules of social distancing. The store of the future, abreast with the changing times, is already here.


UBLIQUE© is a suite of vertical solutions based on decision intelligence, which uses mathematical models and artificial intelligence techniques. The solutions support business decision-making through optimization, predictive analyses, and simulations of phenomena. With Ublique©, you can reduce costs, increase process productivity and service levels, predict trends and behaviors of complex systems, increase security, reduce risks, and address crises that are a result of unforeseen events. Ublique© helps make decisions for the most complex and uncertain scenarios, such as the post-Covid era, by quickly reprogramming the logic for procurement, production, storage, and distribution. From a technological point of view, the solution is based on two components common to all vertical applications: a homogeneous user experience across the different channels (desktop and mobile) and a platform for orchestrating backend services. This backend infrastructure, which originates from Spindox’s experience in extreme fields as the real-time monitoring of telecommunication network systems, makes Ublique© a technology oriented toward big data and being cloud-native.