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The digital culture is a security culture. And we’re not speaking technically but, more importantly, strategically: the security of information, technology innovation, information systems and business objectives. For this reason, Spindox combined the governance skills of Dogix with those of the Brazilian company Oplium in the field of cyber security and ICT Risk Management. Oplium Italia was created to offer a full range of specialized services: Offensive & Defensive Security, Threat Intelligence, Security Assessment & Strategy, ICT Risk Governance, Data Privacy & Security adoption. In addition, Oplium Italia offers a portfolio of next-generation solutions, based on globally recognised products and proprietary technologies for personal and corporate security, the fight against fraud in e-commerce and cyber intelligence.

Cyber Intelligence

Oplium offers an effective and comprehensive cyber intelligence service to secure your business and organisation. We protect your company and your executives from cyber threats, digital fraud and data leaks.

Security Assessment

Oplium’s Cyber Security Assessment & Penetration Test services enable vulnerability detection, malicious application detection and digital risk assessment. Our Red Team includes the most recognized professionals in the market.

Vulnerability Management

Oplium’s Vulnerability Management team provides a holistic cyber protection service, through the adoption of the full cyber risk governance lifecycle and the implementation of best-in-class tools in operational activities. The service can be provided according to the client’s needs: periodic service, MSSP linked to selected tools or included in the MDR.

Asset Tracing Support

Oplium provides Asset Tracing services, based on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and proprietary digital platforms, which provide the essential data to compose the asset perimeter and to guide business protection and Credit Loss Recovery actions.

Solutions by Oplium

  • Oplium provides advanced proprietary solutions designed to meet the latest digital protection needs. All solutions are developed in the in-house Cyber Security R&D Lab.
  • J-Oplium: Cyber Intelligence & Tracing holistic platform
  • Fraud Decision: Cloud-based solution for the evaluation of e-commerce transactions, based on fingerprints
  • PSE-Oplium: Solution for the protection of personal and sensitive data

Partnerships with global vendors

Oplium developed an ecosystem of technology partners to provide best-in-class Cyber Security and Information Security Risk Management solutions in a number of areas: Microsegmentation (Guardicore), Cloud Security (Netskope, Orca), Breach and Attack Simulation (Picus, FireEye), Identity Access Management and Encryption (Thales), Identity Governance & Administration (SailPoint), Advanced Persistent Threat (FireEye), Extended Detection & Response (SentinelOne), Priviledged Access Management (Thycotic), Vulnerability Management, SIEM & SOC (Rapid7), WARP (Akamai), Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Resec).

Our certified and qualified team ensures proper implementation and management of E2E operations, both in Stand Alone and Managed Service (MSSP, SaaS) modes.

Oplium is fully committed to finding the most advanced solutions in the market to defeat new cyber threats.