eXperience, the x letter in Spindox

The Experience Economy embraces brand, markets and consumers in a play field where the product reach out its top values through the Experience it generates in the relationship with the consumer. The Digital Transformation is the engine of the evolution of the powerful Business Models driving the Experience Economy.

Spindox brings together Design Thinking, Marketing and Technology to reinvent the way to build values for the Experience Economy. A Marketing Approach with a Design Framework: we bring to the market the unique ability to  compose valuable strategies in an efficient and sustainable way.

Atelier mode: interdisciplinary and multicultural – in our mission to design the way in which we design values for ourselves and for our customers, lateral thinking and knowledge sharing allows us to explore and measure ourselves in different and highly demanding contexts.

Listen to “Episodio 9 _ Intervista a Luca Lisci, Director BU Experience” on Spreaker.