A content factory for digital marketing

We call it Graydee, our content factory and digital agency. Here, we work on creativity, online editorial services, social media management, brand design, graphics, video production, combined events, Google AdWords campaigns, employer branding, SEO, and analytics. We provide solutions that work, engaging content, and technology knowledge with a unique passion for data to achieve the communication goals of our clients.

Content, SEO & Social Media Marketing

We start with good writing, writing that tells a story of your brand and your product. We produce relevant, attractive, stirring and useful content. With data, we combine reading online social dynamics with our know-how of search engine optimization to develop empathy in effective content writing necessary for the growth of your business.

Graphic Design, Photo & Video Production

We produce and distribute images to support business communication. These include photographs, raw and original footage, animation, and tools for visual and graphical information to explain complex concepts quickly and directly and to engage and involve your audience.

Event Management

Imagine. Amaze. Inspire. Unforgettable events evoking great emotions and tailored for your objective and budget. We provide all the necessary services to render a successful event: art direction, project management, location research and management, invitations, business trips, check-in and security, production, and coordination of suppliers (lighting design, sound engineering, video making, catering, and translators).