Engineered Marketing for exponential growth

Marketing for Bixuit is science, made of numbers. The value building model for our customers is sustainable in terms of costs and scalable:
● We identify business objectives
● Understand what the market opportunities are
● Determine what tools to use in each specific situation

We then build a scalable model, and, through the collection of data and the integration of feedback systems, we guarantee that the client’s objectives are achieved. All this, by rapidly examining and dissecting complex problems to prioritize activities in a manner consistent with the business strategy.

The Bixuit Machine works on Marketing Automation tools, advertising on social networks and other media, SEO analysis and optimization, creation of analysis dashboards and performance monitoring that allow us to implement instantaneous forms of decision-making.
● We enable hyper-personalized paths for the use of communication and sales services (marketing automation)
● Track business processes (Automatic intelligence and decision making)
● Implement actions for continuous performance improvement (instant consulting)



We abhor marketing clichés. We subvert the order of things to find a new order and for this reason we challenge the rigor of methodological practice: to overcome its limits.

• Applicable strategies, measurable tactics, sustainable plans
• Design based on modeling, prototyping and realization of market pilots
• Obsession with return on investment, unconventional approach (growth hacking)

Together with our customers we re-imagine and re-trace the meanings and symbols of the values ​​expressed by the businesses, to adapt the offer to an increasingly global and increasingly frenetic market. We offer a research laboratory for the creation of narration of brands in which universal and inclusive storytelling domains.

• Ability to produce high level content
• Consistency of languages ​​and narratives in each channel
• Faithfulness to the values ​​of the brand, with a high rate of originality

Multiply the x factor

Our services can be traced back to four macro-categories: strategy, tactics, content, branding.

Marketing strategy

We were born for this. The activities that fall under the hat of the strategy are research and benchmarking, roadmapping, market analysis, content and campaign strategy, brand strategies. By creating models of representation of business strategies, we hypothesize priority maps in the growth values ​​for our customers.

Marketing tactics

Know your enemy number one. Tactical operations concern automation tools for marketing and advertising on social and paid media channels, as well as SEO analysis and analytics. Our analytical dashboards allow us to act in real time to implement instant forms of decision-making.

Content marketing

Maximum attention to quality. We offer ad-hoc consultancy to create and make brand storytelling consistent and coherent. We have a firepower based on a generative approach to content combined with ideational methodologies in the audiovisual field, perfectly orchestrated by an art direction with experience and vision.


You are what you communicate (even unintentionally). From strategy to design, we cover the brand positioning and naming sphere, as well as the production of logos for web and mobile applications.

How we work

Measure the business in its evolutions to have a real-time representation model, to have the customer on board at all times along the mission path. Insights, Intelligence and Interaction: these are the three “I\\\’s” with which we create and engage value.

Together with our customers we conduct business planning workshops and sprints in which marketing and design act together. We conduct market studies, interview stakeholders and users and, working with interaction and service designers, we extract business values ​​to ensure economic efficiency and sustainability of the designed solutions.

Our marketing is made of listening:

• KPI measurement
• Knowledge (identification of brand values, data activation)
• Context analysis (sector overview and benchmark)
• Implementation / Execution (content strategy and marketing automation)
• Management / Operations (channel governance, campaign management, touchpoint integration)
• Vision / Insight (ROI, project feedback)

We apply data-to-design to marketing:

• We identify the map of values
• We set up efficiency measurement methods
• We define opportunities and goals
• We contextualize by studying mission, market and vision
• We diverge with benchmarking activities and converge in defining the target audience and the brand value proposition
• We diverge in the prototyping phase of the model and converge in the acquisition, activation and retention
• We measure performance in prototype tests and pilot services
• We reiterate to obtain the maximum economic return