We build the future of your business with design

Spindox integrates the design thinking method into its approach to customer business challenges. The way Bixuit “does” design is always strategic, pragmatic and innovative: strategic in creating service and product values, pragmatic in achieving the most sustainable results, innovative in its ability to design new ways of designing.

Strategic vision

Our mission ranges from the formulation of strategies for competition to the tracking of the needed dynamics for their realization. To win, no business can be the same as another one: brands operate in extremely changing market conditions, with direct consequences on the consistency of the choices that must be able to restructure very quickly around emerging opportunities. For this reason, we design strategies with a prototype approach, supported by the extremely in-depth analysis of the brand in comparison with local and global phenomena – emerging and consolidated – in order to have extremely dynamic, market-proof executive models in operation.

Pragmatic approach

Technology allows customers to reach high value objectives only if the design is aware of every detail related to the feasibility of the realization processes, at any scale. We help our customers to successfully take every concrete action in the sustainability of the effects on their business.

Innovative answer

The role of the company is built on the answers that it is able to give to the innovation challenges of business processes enabled by technology. Technology changes the rules continuously: together with our customers we redefine the assets and the propositions of their positioning and then plan the evolution of the processes at the rate imposed by the digital transformation.

What we offer

We base our success on identifying the best formula for each different challenge. Our mission is to implement the most suitable design framework for the different market, industry and positioning conditions in which our customers are located. We move to the intersection of different disciplines that we interpret with a design thinking approach:

• Strategy Design • Business Design • Service Design • Interaction Design • Visual Design

Strategy Design

We trace with our customers the way to achieve strategic results through the design of long-term missions in harmony with the evolution of market conditions. The path towards structural objectives is adequately designed to be effectively transformed into executive activities. Some of our tools: stakeholder mapping, context analysis, value perception model, taxonomy map, design strategy model, experience strategy, strategy planning, roadmapping.

Business Design

The balance between expansion objectives, accessibility objectives and financial objectives is the fundamental exercise of our consultancy. We help organizations bring the most revolutionary ideas to become concrete business opportunities. Some of our tools: ecosystem mapping, business model canvas, customer experience strategy, KPI modeling and tracking, value proposition design.

Service Design

In the services providing, technological processes are activated that need to be orchestrated in order to maintain the centrality of the user. Business models become omnichannel, enabled by structures whose goal is to provide hyper-personalized experiences. The study and design of service practices are at the heart of our approach to design: Some of our tools: OKR, user interview, empathy mapping, service blueprint, user / customer journey, touch point analysis, features modeling.

Interaction Design

The user\\’s itineraries are designed in detail down to the detail of the internal interactions at each touch point involved in the creation of the experience. The interface of the device is the main frontier of accessibility to the service, the design of which has the ultimate aim of enabling every type of user in all conditions of use. Some of our tools: person definition, user flow, user experience, user interface.

Visual Design

We devote obsessive attention to the design of the information elements of the experience, whether they are images, audiovisuals, 3D objects, space settings, augmented reality, virtual reality, according to the language best suited to the context and user profile. We move to go beyond representation by providing every small detail with meaning: aesthetic design combines in perfect harmony with functional design. Some of our tools: data visualization, video design, graphic design, generative design, sound design, interactive space design.

How we work

We firmly believe that there is no user who is not also an exchanger of values. For this reason, together with our marketing , we work alongside our customers’ business structures: sales, marketing, process management, change management, in order to be able to design together the best ways to put their unique offer propositions into technological operation towards shareholders, stakeholders and end customers. Having the customer on board at all times of the project realization process is the way we design the experience.

Our design is made of participation

• The customer is always on board (co-design, workshop, sprint design)
• Each new process / solution designed takes into account an adoption strategy and therefore a change management plan
• We are multicultural and interdisciplinary (technological skills and business work together)

We take an active part by participating and holding workshops and sprint design with our customers. We are simultaneously a study center, studio and laboratory.

Before we act, let's explain how we will design

• We accept contextual and internal conditions
• We redefine the design procedures for maximum efficiency in the specific case
• We analyze with advanced benchmarking techniques (data intelligence & analysis)
• We diverge with creative workshop practices
• We converge in the prototyping of models
• We test in the field for maximum improvement
• We reiterate to achieve maximum goals