Process automation, with roots set in software

The digital transformation raises new technological challenges: more data, more users and more need for speed. Software becomes a service and the focus shifts to business goals. “Transformation means enabling the customer to the right responsiveness. However, the market today requires a predictive response, not just a reactive one ”

This is possible thanks to automation, which is also the heart of DevOps. And when automation is not enough, Spindox goes one step further: we seek the increased integration between automation of processes and cognitive computing models. In fact, artificial intelligence allows us to operate in a predictive way, anticipating even the most difficult phenomena to read.

Spindox is highly innovative in system integration and apps development and execution. We start by understanding our clients’ needs and perform an in-depth assessment of the context of operation, processes, and opportunities. First, we walk through the analysis and design, then we define the best solution, both project and technology-wise. We exploit hybrid and multi-cloud frameworks using new tools to manage data flows and automation processes. In addition, we build micro-services architectures based on self-consistent and simple handling modules, preferably in the form of virtualized containers.

This is all sustained through an agile methodology, emphasizing transparent collaboration and communication with the client.

We realize cross-combined projects for market leader products and develop custom solutions. Our software factories in Milan, Rome and Cagliari develop enterprise apps using .Net or Java technologies. During and after the development, the solutions are tested by the software quality assurance team and testing automation tools.

We are Italy’s specialist for the hybrid world. We develop multi-platform apps based on Angular and React frameworks. Our apps are sleek and powerful, regardless of how tough the front-end and data management challenges become.